Our Flying Sites

The Pine Barren Modelers fly at the following sites in the Southern New Jersey area:

Brick Wall Asphalt Plant – located off of Lacey Road in Lacey NJ
Coyle Field – located on Route 72 in Chatsworth, NJ

These sites are accessible only to registered PBMC Members and Guests due to AMA and club safety regulations. To become a member please contact the club. New members will receive a temporary membership card and should seek assistance from an experienced club member to get started off in the right direction at the flying field. The following safety rules shall be adhered to at all sites (pdf):

Pine Barren Modelers, Barnegat NJ – Safety Rules – All Sites

Brick Wall Corporation

2215 W. Lacey Road
Forked River, NJ  08731

GPS Latitude –  Deg. 39 Min. 52 Sec. 44 N
GPS Longitude –  Deg. -74 Min. 17 Sec. 24 W

Brick Wall Field
– Our field is located on the premises of a private business. All club members must observe the following business procedures regarding access to this field.
– Monday thru Friday – Check in at the scale house to inform attendant of your arrival.  No need to check out when leaving.
– Saturday and Sunday – Check in with security guard at the front gate.
– If the guard is not at the main gate, wait awhile to see if the security guard returns from making rounds, otherwise contact a club member regarding gate access.
– The access road is for large asphalt trucks business customers and employees. Therefore, all club members must observe speed limit, stay away from large trucks entering exiting in both directions, do not pass.
– There is a stop sign at the end of the dirt road leading to the field. Do not cross the runway without being waved in ‘all clear to cross runway’ by a member.

Coyle Field

GPS Latitude –  Deg. 39 Min 48 Sec 43 N
GPS Longitude – Deg. -74 Min. 25 Sec. 22 W

From the East:Take Rt. 72 West to between the 10 and 11 mile markers.   Look for the gate on your left.  The gate to our field is a small gate with a “stop” sign on it; if you reach the large gate (where the full-scale hangars are visible), you’ve gone too far.

Go through the gate (Please, lock it behind you!). Follow the road around, staying to the right at the fork. When you come out to the large opening, that’s the runway. Stay to the left side; the pits are ahead on your left. Please, be alert for model and full-scale traffic.

Coyle Field Rules

  1. Pilot and helper must be alert for full scale aircraft or helicopters, both fire and National Gaurd.
  2. Stay clear and land as soon as possible.
  3. At times field may be closed by Fire Service Personnel, Field Saftey Officer, or club officers durning fire emergencies or training activities.
  4. The State Fire Service hangar is straight out from the flight line. Please stay away from hangar area as helicopters take off and land from this area.